Let me tell you how it all started . . .

A page from my personal diary…..

December 7, 2009

I read “You are here” by Meenakshi Reddy Madhawan yesternight. Cool novel! The girl is so bold. It was a different world for me.  Dad and Mom divorced and the ex-wife is friends to the present one. The girl lost her virginity in class 11 and until now has slept with so many of them. She is pretty, educated, well payed. She drinks, goes to pool parties that start at 10 night and end by morning 4. A rich boyfriend she has but money isn’t that fantasises her about him but its attention. And if that wasn’t enough She talks about her soaked panties or orgasms and compares her life to that of a bra strap with equal ease. God, She is damn too bold… Someone who belongs to an altogether different world!  

When I read CB ( Chetan Bhagat) for the very first time, I was dumbstruck then too. Still I never thought such lady writers are there too in our “sanskar rich” India.

I wanted to publish an autobiography.( Do note the past tense.)  Now everything seems so boring in my life. No one is going to read mine when they don’t read stuff like “You are here”. I’ve not got stories like hers,” bridesmaid to her step-mom”  neither do I can go beyond I was attracted to that boy. I never knew if there was an India like that too. 

I feel bound to make a confession that such a life most definitely looks like a fantasy to me but I couldn’t connect to it. I believe people like me consists of the major part of India. We haven’t just grown to accept such relationships. I’m doubtful if I would really love to be a part of one.

I thought my issues were big, interesting, soaking. They don’t seem like that any more. Autobiography…!!! Bad idea…!!! No one would give a damn to my life. Its just so normal or even abnormal for metropolitan guys. Not even a single proposal until I got 18. I WOULD RATHER BLOG IT ALL under a pen name. And then I’ve been planning from a very long time about being a consistent blogger…someone who is read by many people and visited by more of them. Lots of comments to answer to….ok.. thn.. done!


 Its feb 10, 2012, today. Ive finally been able to post my first blog today. Yeah…!!! Party time ;) :D


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