GOD CONVICTED, faltu mei !!!

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you experience happiness after a long long (its not a misprint, buddy! the two longs, i mean.) time, you tend to believe it. Even if some part of your conscience is aware of the fakeness involved. Mind acknowledges the happiness for the sake of good it does to oneself. You may question, “What good if fake?” You are in the “gyan baato” section afterall. You would not think straight. You would rather think the way you would usually not. We are engineering people here. I’ll tell you how, technically!!! See, when your eyes see a ” gyaan baato” section, it transtmits likewise signals to the brain via optic nerves. Brain interprets how to react and (it all got boring)the algorithm for that goes… !(read NOT){ whichever way you would usually react}() Think Straight, buddy! You see the good now? More hint? Think short term!! Happiness brings good mood, healthy living, decrement in hospital bills, (for the gals out dere) vibrant skin, cool buddies, healthy environment and what not!
So, the mind  blocks the subconscious part that is trying to come in between the  good and you. You are always aware its all fake. You have always had the choice to wake up to reality which, unfatefully, is gross. You choose the happiness. The fake happiness. You think it’s worth the time. And the bad times that await next? do you deserve them? ehh… well… the devil in you would suggest, do I deserve the life without fun here? Its all planned out. THEY ( to God)  say  its d choice i make that makes my life. I say YOU have e1 framed out my choices. The choices you provided me never really had the plural form. I have always had just one choice. And that has framed my life. The destiny they talk about, Its all set. Should I feel guilty for the wrong steps I took? YOU have set me up. I shouldn’t.
And this is where all goes wrong… Be positive, pal! Haven’t you read the old classic  P.B. Shelly’s “Ode to The West Wind” in 10th grade? Spring follows Autumn. Or you missed the Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken? I cannot tell you better than that. Be positive, even if your blood group isn’t.


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