Growing Population

There are not one but many demerits of growing population. You, already, know that. Right.I am not talking about the serious issues. Common…Not in an engineering
college magazine. I am speaking of the more general issues… those we face in day to day life.

Does not the kids in buses, trains annoy u… the kids who do not know what are they crying for or the ones who have recently learned to talk n even those who have not
yet achieved the accomplishment. They just seem not to realise there is end to everything… a continuous unmeaning blabber too.

Their are people who love this “innocence” of children and might have already declared me a psycopath. This one is not for you, pal!

The ladies who seem to enjoy kids look more like a guy-catching-candy to me than a pure hearted soul. Most of us know they cant be real. Its just the bollywood potrayal,
one who is liked by all, that has been grasped by so many of us…alas, even the boys fall for it. And this child-adore-culture is so so so old in our movies
that such behaviour is observed in our aunties as well.

Here is a good economic recognition to my article. Recently, I read somewhere their are a few sophisticated hotels who have actually banned kids below 8 years age from
entry. So much for the leisure.
Anyways, we are talking about growing population here. Why to concentrate it completely on innocent-loved by all kids.

Do the loud mouthed local lingo speaking aunties annoy u??? Or the ones who have had the opportunity of learning english n seem to think its their birth right to
monotonously use the lingo all their waking hours? They r mostly seen talking to their below 8 year old children or recently married to husband.

Their is also a breed of annoying class that has nothing to do with age or gender, it is the one who have a diffrent mother tongue than most of us around. they talk
stuff you dont know meaning of. They talk in speed. They talk till infinity.

A law student once told me its illegal to talk in a language that someone around is not aware of. No gaurantee for the authenticity.

Its already so much annoying to hv so many kinds of annoying people around u… cannot take more. Please, people!!! Stop getting emotional that your kid woul not have
your physical and mental features if you go for adoption. Just look at it this way, you have a choice when you make an adoption. you could choose it to be a baby gal
or a fairer one or d one with blond hair… wht say? n then… their r  so many complications involved in pregnancy. why to suffer from that when u can get a readymade
beautiful child and “punya”…. and the public upgradation of image. wow!!! its a splendid package, dude! and in a more general way…. d demerits of growing population
… eh?


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