I see a lady
I see her charms
Her posture
the ettiquete
the  civilised manners
I see a lady
and I get charmed
The way she carries
Her dress and herself
The smile on face
and the missing laughter
I notice all
what’s present
and what’s not
i see a lady
and her charms
the neatly tied hair
well pressed attire
Her gesture
when she declines thing some
Or offer a guest
a nice warm welcome
i see a lady
and can’t help but notice
Her charms
the calm and the cool
air that surrounds
the scent that’s not too tough
to d nostrils
nt so subtle to not to notice
I see her
and I wonder
where did she get the plathora
of knowlegde from?
She cant be having intrest
on every subject
the gentlemen talk around her?
from where has she brought the content
to listen and nod and on and on
through the evening
adding her heart-pleasing comments
they are all compliments
the gentle benign she
for all, the good and the bad
I see a lady
and I desire to be she.


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