Holidays are not over yet. . .

I’m tired and alone
My backbone hurts
Even the unknown numbers
have abandoned me
There is battery in my cell
I can’t hear any voices
even the mosquitoes ain’t
in the mood to sing
I can hear the wind
striking the windows
of my second floor room
that’s all I can hear
I check the sounds of my phone
It is in general profile
I’m still
lieing in my bed
head resting on the same pillow
wrapped in the same red blanket
like everyday

I’m nt in a fishing expedition
I’m nt lost
I’m in my room
in my Hostel
It looks like a
Resident-evil-town to me now
No aliens have captured the world
I woke up a few hours back
there were Theples in my bag
I found a chocolate too
Even an animation movie
couldn’t change the mood around
My back still hurts.

Guess, I should go to sleep again
Wait for the ring of the phone
or the sounds of laughter and cheer around
the sounds of reunion
the holidays will be over tomorrow
hostlers will start to hover around
by morning
Holi brought colors to home
by stealing them from the hostels
The fade will b dyed tomorrow
by the chirping on phone
or the murmurings in mess
I’m back early.
just like i went late.
My back would still ache
And I wouldn’t feel the pain.


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