Rewa (Its a city !!! )

Rewa. The city of Tansen. No wonders, like most of the cases, the general public of Rewa isn’t aware of its glorious past . Rewa is better known for its white tigers. That too is in limited knowledge of people with high general awareness. In short, except those few mentions of Rewa in national television in one of those talent hunt shows, Rewa has never really been in spot light.

In addition to the woes, the mention has mostly been for its being such a small town with its resourse-less life and enthusias-less population. Rewa has had no malls, no multiplexes to attract the youngsters. And you know what, that is not something the general public is concerned about. There are still many basic necessities that are unmet. The population here doesn’t have access to proper sanitation or drinking water. We, the people of rewa don’t ask for flyovers, we wud be satisfied if the government would be kind enough to provide us with just normal roads, one which doesn’t get pitted after every rainfall.

And a question for our very reverend government officials,” how hard is it to know that one can get underground telephone lines or water pipelines digged before a road is constructed?” You make a road and then dig it, adding to the agonies of public, you leave the rubble on the roads itself. There is much furor about corruption these days. If and only if somebody could cleanup the mess in the municipal co-operation of rewa!!! Is it the unjustified distribution of tendors or the commissions
fixed of babus or the big bosses, what do u want to hear?

The Netas are concentrating on beautifying the city. What about the inner beauty, sir? NH7 looks fine, sirmour chouraha looks splendid with its Rajiv Gandhi statue, TRS chouraha even better with the colorful fountain, Shilpi Plaza too have fine looks but what about the sewage lines that are missing from where they should be, the age-old residential slots? what about the missing roads from colonies ? what about the very limited drinking water supply? the netas do know these are the most basic requirements for a human life. and we the rewaris lag way behind UN standards, u don’t even want to know the figures.

The city has recently acquired another Bus Stop to its credit and with it landed another Money scam. There is a need of strict change of leadership in our city. The present leaders are hallucinating us with their “feel good” strategy bagging the cash their home which was actually meant for the development of the city. the taxes we pay the government is enough to match the UN standards of living only if it could be used where it should be and not filling some neta-lapadi’s tijori.

The internal system is rotting. The city needs to realise it soon. Let us hope ,sooner or later, an educated, rooted, honest Neta would take a proper place in city’s system and get us rid of the ailments. It can only be done, if we the people of rewa keep our eyes open for the candidate whose deserves to be there and who not.

Beware, Netaji! a new educated, uncurroptable generation is coming, one dat is aware of its constitutional rights and powers. The wave would then be with the people and not with some political party.


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