A Writer’s opinion on Mr.XYZ

XYZ. That’s what I am going to call him today. Dont care if you don’t like it, XYZ! Security reasons. He wanted a writer’s opinion on himself. I wanted to tell him I’m not one. The pride of a newly acquired blog on my name did not allow me to. So here I am, recollecting some good ambiguous adjectives in my mind to make this piece a sober neutral one. Yes, of course, I want him to like it.

This reminds me of my english lessons on a resume, Teacher told us to present our weaknesses in a manner they sound harmless. Don’t think you were in class that day, XYZ.  This is no resume but XYZ is a dear friend of mine. He indeed deserves this Gold class treatment.

Here I go… I remember my first encounter with him. It was our chemistry lab. We were lab partners.
XYZ and The third gal in the group, lets name her ABC, hailed from the same home town, the reason we never really interacted much. I hated going to that lab. It was boring. I don’t remember when we started talking or became friends. I don’t remember what changed or when. I do remember though we shared some intense thoughts on topics we would rather not discuss with anyone else. No security reasons this time. Reason being not wanting to be considered a lunatic amidst friends. Not wanting to be
misunderstood. In the age we are, We are supposed to be funny and light. Dense and intensive is a big No.

So, people have a different group of friends to share that sort of stuff. Specifically, Someone who wouldn’t LOL on your every thought but understand it. I have no idea what is that group named in dictionary. These friends, they don’t hang out with each other. They don’t know much about each other either, if you skip the virtual world. But they do know a lot of stuff of hidden aspirations, hidden desires, hidden inspirations. I think I am his THAT buddy. It’s a tough claim on my part. Because It isn’t past few weeks he asserted I don’t know him well. I did not tell XYZ that moment, I don’t approve his assertion. I do today.

There are so many layers to be uncovered to know a human being. There are few who we call an open book. And yet what made him an open book is in itself a well-bound and locked book of thousands of pages. The uncovering requires an effort. Tiresome, intelligent, time-consuming efforts. The layers can be self-acquired or time-imposed. Either be the case, one yearns to be disclosed. Not to just anyone, yes. It is his treasure. Someone worthwhile should get the key to it. Its universal.

Added to the drama, everyone wants to know your story. The reasons may vary but they obviously don’t care. It’s just another story. This fear of being discovered by someone who doesn’t care adds to the layers. And yet someday a THAT buddy arrives in life and without any effort knows you.

There should be a THAT buddy in everyone’s life. Life gets simpler. Having added so many feathers to a THAT BUDDY’s hat, I doubt if I am really one. It is not stopping me from completing the article though.

our Mr. XYZ loves to play games of hide n seek of secrets. He wants to tell you every bit of himself and yet wants you to earn it. He judges you in whichever statements you make.In case He doesn’t approve, immediate is the recoil.

The problem with this article is I don’t judge people. I don’t know if I can. They have so so so… varied reactions to situations. At one I may conclude he is the short tempered ones. At another, the grounded ones. Then their reaction changes with the kind of relationship they share with the being. It’s just not one person in a person. there are so so so … many existing together.

Our Mr. XYZ is no different. The place where I lag, judging people, he is proficient in. He tells me so. An amateur human psychology reader he is. Wannabe would be an understatement. He has vivid plans for the future. I don’t find the seriousness for their completion in him though. As if he is not aware of the difficulties involved.
I never felt he is putting his efforts in them. The guy has the potential and no strategy.

He adores cricket like any Indian. He has a good cricket knowledge, he says so. And now when I’m thinking to write anything about Mr.XYZ…O God! here is the reality.
My knowledge is not verified. It’s all what he has told me. A THAT buddy can’t know better than a buddy. Guess, my pride has to fail. XYZ will know I’m no writer.

I shall justify biographies don’t suit me.


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