The Great Indore

Rajwada is landmark of Indore, India हिन्दी: र...

Rajwada is landmark of Indore, India हिन्दी: राजवाडा पहचान है इंदौर शहर, भारत की (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another take at Indore's Chhatri

Another take at Indore's Chhatri (Photo credit: Gunjan Karun)


The great Indore.  There should be a capital G for great, I suppose.  The missing G is no  lack of sincerity. Just resistances to be overcome.

Okay, Let’s try again. It can’t be that hard. The Great Indore. yeah!! I did it! With due respect.

I am facing this resistance today. Just like I face each time someone (who is not me) suggests me to write on something. Generating and directing thoughts in a particular direction is tough. The circumstances provoked self born thoughts are so so  easier to handle. I just have to give them words. And trust me, Indoris, The resistance has nothing to do with my doubt on the thought of it being a Great city.

Ugh. Don’t tell me u were not thinking this way.

err…I had no intentions of messing with the subject. Indore is so very great afterall. It has taught me to say ‘hao’, my answer being yes or no. My mother tongue too has the word. But only Indore could influence me enough to use it.

Indore. First time I entered the city, I remember seeing the Radisson building. I watched it like a child. Fascinated. Hallucinated. By its lenght n beauty. Until I couldn’t see it anymore. The car was moving. Then there came a circle, with a Sayaji ball in between. I searched for the building. Couldn’t find it amidst the concrete crowd of tall structures. The decision was made.
I like Indore.

In the coming days, lots of shopping followed. The local connections of my parents directed us to The Apollo Tower. Wide variety. cheap rates. I was liking Indore even more. For lunch we would go to The Chhappan dukan. The confusion because of the large number of dukans made food tastier.  We went to the TI, so much was heard of it afterall. Pantaloons was the next stop their but what captured the whole day was The Big Bazar. Mother found everything she was looking for a long time now. Household stuff. I bought more clothes. Cheap, attractive clothes.( that survive few weeks)

We couldn’t cover Rajwada and other malls togethor. College was started. Parents had to visit Mahakal, Omkareshwar and other temples around. Everyone has always been busy. After my college started, they got busier.

This was my family’s first and last trip to Indore during my graduation years. No, my graduation isn’t complete yet. No, I can’t tell future either. I just know them enough.

College started. We explored Indore. This is a new ‘we’,  the Indore-friends-we. Max, Pantaloons, Westside everything was tryed. Tryed as in trial rooms. Apollo Tower was past. Overrated and common being the prime factors. Apollo Square too was checked. Rajwada was the new hope. The Vijay Chat house  will keep on taking us back to Rajwada. Each time we will go there, we will buy things that were not planned for. Random jwellery, a funky purse or the accessories I always thought were too expensive.

Indore is great. And the greatness I found does not lie in the malls or the 5 star hotels. Its the kapda market, the aada bazaar and likes that makes Indore great.

The two years I’ve spent in Indore, I visited Sayaji before Rajwada. Such were my priorities. Visits to the nooks n crannies have changed it all.

For me Indore is all about shopping and food. The obsession to mix ‘sev’ with every dish one eats, used to repel me from Indore’s food habits. My encounter with dudh (read milk)-sev changed that too. A new found respect was discovered for the mixture in me.

I’ve not been to a ‘dhaba’ yet here. Their locations are not that favourable for a vehicle-less girl group like ours. This too couldn’t stop the dhaba-food from reaching me. Don’t think I need to mention Its just yumm…

Everytime we discover new places, I know there is more to it.  To Indore.  There are many floors left to be danced at, many tables left to be dined at, so many cooks, who’s food deserves to be tasted, so many dishes to be tasted for the first time. This reminds me of dal-pakwan. Not every new dish is good to my taste buds.

The roads too mesmerise me here. The work on them never seem to stop. The dirt particles never settle down from air. The autowalla’s always charge you exorbitantly. And I dont hate any of it. I dont cover my face with those dupattas when on byke. I like the air hitting on my face. Fast or slow. Fresh or slightly dirty. The sun annoys me.
Indore is not to be blamed.

I’ve  not really met any hardcore Indori yet. My friends here are people just like me. Staying here for a while. I cannot distinguish an Indori accent from a bhopali or jabalpuriya. (not because they sound same, note dat I CAN”T) ‘khatru’ and ‘hao’ are the only Indori words I’ve adapted in my vocabulary.  Rest are just to be understood and not used( Reason being I favor a nuetral accent). Indori is not as sweet as bengali or cute as bhojpuri. Its not as rough as baghelkhandi either. It lies somewhere in between. So does the weather here. Not too hot, not too cold. They say its all Devi Ahilya ma’s blessings.

Whatever be the reason, I love Indore city.

( resistances surrendered. )


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