Confessions of a Confused Brain

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When one is a part of sites like WordPress, people think him to be of philosophical sorts. Automatically. Someone whose thoughts are dense, intense, serious, revolutionary, etc, etc. I am a confused writer. different friends have declared me confused for different articles. It’s alright. I write to overcome my confusions. I debate. No  side-taking, no biasing. Conclusions are for readers to draw. I’m a thinker like anyone is. I don’t know what writers do but the only think I do while  writing is giving words to my thought process.

Human brain does wonders in connecting different things or situations. It astonishes me to see how one incident could remind you of something happened years ago, some stranger you met only once, a bed-time story your granny used to tell. . .My brain is confused. One thing reminds me of many things. Then I move on to the direction I find the most interesting of all. More recollections. Memories. Recursion.

When I’m too lost, I ask myself, what actually was I thinking about? I could never find the answer.

I criticise my pals that they don’t read my blogs. They are no avid readers, I know. They complain my articles are too lengthy for friendship’s sake. I decided, so, I’ll cut short my thoughts from the next time. Twitter too has a word limit. No wonders, my twitter account is in drought. A reader commented he would like to read my Facebook statuses as well. I could not answer him back. I realise, I can’t express myself in short.

The lines I’ve asserted above, I was supposed to wrap them in a para. The article was actually supposed to be on, “Do I believe in God?” haha…I’m not even close to it  yet. Some other time, may be.

Human brain, eh? I wonder, when will I be able to choose the right link of many, shot by a single thought?


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Confused Brain

  1. heeyy..

    sometimes i m like tht too…
    jus bloggin down my thoughts..!
    whether ppl get wht we are trying to say or not
    we have written to our heart content and thts wat matters !


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