If you are a girl

I am a girl. I know when a boy is looking at me. Even if our angle of glances are not the same. I know what the look says. I can tell what he is thinking. Just because I’m a girl. No more qualifications are required. Time, teenage, innocence, neighbours, distant relatives, passengers on a packed train or a bus, teach us everything. I know what clothes might look vulgar, what can attract not-so-attractive comments. Nobody had to teach me. I am not a gifted one either. Girls know. How? Experience helps. Thank God for the instinct.

Knowing just like that is a gift to all, I might add. But the reaction to it, depends. . . Some react, some don’t. Some react violently, some are witty. Some are daring, some outrageous. I can’t advocate any one of the reactions. I’m yet to frame out for myself one. So, I just ignore. Yes, that means I don’t react. Does that make me look coward? I bar that thought and it would still come again. It won’t stop untill I feed my brain with a satisfactory answer. Each time I have that feeling I tell myself it was an intelligent step I took. It shuts the coward thought for a while. It still comes back next time. I don’t have a satisfactory answer.

Images of acid hit faces of girls are definitely not a help. Yes, I am educated. I am aware of my rights. I have a very supportive family background as well. And they are not conservative. The question remains the same, is reacting against an unpleasant comment an intelligent step?

The lane from my hostel to main road isn’t going to change. Once in few days there will be a comment I don’t want to hear. I walk straight. They should assume I have not heard. There may be louder comments. It’s only going to fasten my pace. I will not turn my head to see who said it. It doesn’t matter. I am not going to react. There is no other road from my hostel. The faces may change. The comments may change. But they will be there. Once in a while. I don’t think reacting is worth the time I am supposed to have with friends after I cross the road. I don’t think its worth changing my address.

Ignorance is bliss.


8 thoughts on “If you are a girl

  1. we just have to keep our heads high!!!!!!!!if it s a man’s world as ppl call it ,its us who ve made it so!!!!nicely written!!!!

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