The entrance of Kota railway station, Rajastha...

The entrance of Kota railway station, Rajasthan, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kota. It has been two and a half years now. I remember the blessed date accurately. 4th of jan, 2010. My final b-bye (I’m not going to call it Good bye) to the education hub of India, so it was known then. So was the reason I spent two formidable years of my life in the city.

And that’s not entirely true. Only after one enters in college one realises (completely ) what was he missing studying 24*7 in a single-seater room and doing nothing else. It’s like when one is not aware of what one is missing, why would one loathe it.

Of course, you always know, you are socially cut. You may miss your first cousin’s marriage. The social cut off is proportional to your commitment to crack IIT. And one thing is for sure, the tutors there feed your brain with good nice-clear concepts or not, they will fill it with bravado stories of IIT campuses spoken in a hilarious fashion. The stories that project IITs to be even more desirable than you can think of. They call it motivation. From the percentage of people I know of not-getting-into-a

Main Building of IIT Bombay. Modern movement s...

Main Building of IIT Bombay. Modern movement style concrete Grilles on facade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

n-IIT,  the stories work only as good stuff to gossip on dinner table with friends, the only break you will allow yourself in a day from tutorial sheets and daily practice papers.

The vidambna  lies in, a teacher is rated by his wits. You have to be loud, funny, full of IIT stories to be sought after by a good number of students. Yes, an add-on of knowledge of outline of concepts would surely be a help.

Personally, I loved the grandeur of GT (Gaurav Tower). The brownies and pastries of Eatos. The fast food at Treat. The pyaz ki kachoris of BMB. The city mall shared its existence with ‘us’ for only a month. This couldn’t stop us from discovering McD and Dominos thoroughly before we left the city. With our mess off on sunday evenings, Vigyan Nagar roads, void of any traffic, would be the first choice to roam around.

I still remember my address 2-la-11, the pattern of addressing seen nowhere else. The enormous number of cyber cafe sprung in every other block. And your chances of  finding a single seat vacant for you, still are narrow.

Then there were these little anecdotes always happening. One of them I may recollect, I went with a friend to buy spoons. The discovery that a single spoon costs ten good bucks led the friend remark, I am going to send my child to shop for the house first and then send him to kota. He should know the value of money before coming to a city like kota.

I met people from Nepal and the far off south. Beautiful girls with brains or good fashion sense. Saw Guys with similar incredible abilities. I miss kota for the choice of population it had. Intelligent enough to have reached there, devoted enough to live there.  Those are gifted people out there.

The first thought, whenever I will hear of Kota, will always be two precious years were wasted… but then… lingering on the thought, a smile is bound to spread. The broad main roads and the cumbersome residential areas, the ever-expanding list of teachers leaving Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd.  for Allen or Vibrant or bringing up their own coaching institutes, witty teachers, never-happy landlords, true friends and the never-ending chase to complete the assignments…

The city is, indeed, very educational.


8 thoughts on “Kota

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  2. very nice block shreya>>
    i just remembered my kota days & fortunately the date when i leave kota was xactly 4th jan…

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