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We saw a recent Bollywood release. Ishaqzade. In case you have not seen it, there’s nothing you-dont-know I’m gonna reveal either. This girl falls in love with a guy her family won’t approve and for this reason the family wants her dead. So is the case with the guy. What’s new, right? You, probably, have heard such stories a dozen times
before. You probably are thinking, “NO wonders, It happens all the time.” Yes, there have been many movies before dep

icting the same theme. It’s a national channel or a local newspaper, they daily carry one or more instances of the same pattern. I am aware of that, too. This blog is neither about Ishaq between the love-birds nor the torment they shouldn’t have gone through.

It is the families’ treatment to

their children that bothered me. I just couldn’t understand, how a man’s thinking may change so drastically as to shoot his own child, the same child he used to dote on untill before she fell in love. Yes, she doesn’t just fell in love but fell in love with a guy of diffrent religion, a guy who is his immediate polical opponent’s son. The question still remains the same, how can a father be so angry as to want her daughter dead? This is something beyond my imagination and understanding. So was t

he case with the girl’s mother. Mother asked father the same question I’ve raised. He was prudent enough to answer it with yet another question, ” did she care about my political career?”

The scene

English: A still from the 1936 Hindi film Achh...

English: A still from the 1936 Hindi film Achhut Kanya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ended there. No more questions were raised. And yet, this logic too defied my understanding. A 40-year old political career or a 20-year old daughter? what will you choose, my friend? A daughter you’ve spoiled with ur love, Who has enough faith in the same love as to stand confidently at your gun point and say, “You can’t be that angry, father…Like always, you’ll forgive me, no matter what I do.” And you reply by a shot.

They tell me they don’t understand women. And yet she is a lot more predictable than a man. Her child is the priority. Always. With no exception. she is a career-oriented woman or a housewife. Then there are men who choose career before their child’s life. What kind of a person does that make? So many double standards and not a single stand to take. It cannot be called manhood. Its butcher-ism.


15 thoughts on “Ishaqzade

  1. Good Work, but looking at your recent blog post. It looks you are growing as a feminist now. Take that as a compliment or sarcasm…. All upto you.

    PS: You have got 1200 hits in just few months, awesome…. Female writers are always more successful. 😦

  2. As you have raised the word FAMILY, let me tell you an arrogant girl doesn’t completes a family. So for the sake of happiness of a single child you cannot over look other children. And same is the CARDINAL RULE OF NATURE…!!!

    For example; A Tigress gives birth to 3 cubs, within a week’s time she abandons a weaker cub to die for the sake of others to grow even stronger.

    I agree with your notion but that’s what nature teaches us… πŸ™‚

  3. These cases dosen’t arises in present scenario, when people have 6-7 children, and they didn’t care about one of them…
    And these are just movies, reality has been somewhat different…

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