Satyamev Jayate

Satyameva Jayate!

Satyameva Jayate! (Photo credit: Mukul Soni)

No wonders, Satyamev Jayate is a rage these days. It’s an Aamir Khan production one with Amir himself being the anchor, after all. I am not aware of the figures but there will still  be No wonders if  I’m told the NGO’s projected have made one hell of collections. Good work, Aamir Khan.

Middle class has their greatly missed Sunday 12 o’clock television slot covered again. For some it was about another Facebook status. Some, like me, got a topic to scribble on notepad after a long time. Satyamev Jayate has been a win-win.

Being from a political background, I have got to know Amir’s venture is not well-taken by the politicians who work on ground level. Then a Hindi daily quoted a Rajasthan‘s minister saying, “Its me who is working in fields. I am the real hero. Not him.”

Aamir Khan has not yet considered for the “Who is the real hero?” competition as challenged by Mr. Minister. I have my doubts if press reports will be able to confirm his candidacy  in anytime near future. He is a better player than that.

It may sound sadist to some, but isn’t it a fact there are field-workers, who are not so facility-rich, accomplishing tougher tasks in tougher circumstances? Policy making is the first and an important step. But aren’t the one who execute them more important than the policy makers themselves? We have open heartedly accepted Satyamev Jayate. Why not a similar outlook for the field workers?

Questioning Aamir’s real motives or the God-knows-what motivated Satyamev Jayate may get heads-up by many wounded politicians and a few intrigued minds, but what good is it going to bring anyway? Sure not better than what it is doing under the mask of a non-profit philanthropic serial.


3 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate

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  2. mm well the only think i liked abt satyameva jayate is its background score…..Amir was my fav actor,and i never expctd him to step in to the disgusting world of scripted reality shows….and i dnt undrstand Indian Junta..roj unk aas paas itna kuch hta hai..even worse den wts shown on SMJ tb to unka jqmeer nai jaagta…and ye ek TV serial dekh k bahot feel aa gai logon ko ..sunday ko serail dekh kar bht feel ati hai and den monday ko sb bhool kar phr se middle class admi apna pet palne mai bsy ho jata hai,aankhein band kar k///..but haan ek bat to hai jis b channelpr ye AIR hota hai (i dn even knw da channel’s name),usk TRP to aasamn choo rae hngey..and pocket f everyone related to the show must hav been filled to the brim..btw in the end kudos to the mastermind behind the show..he found a very nice to trick the foolish sentimental Indian crowd…..

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