Desperate Times. . .

Desperate times require desperate measures. So when I had an abundance of time and no work to do (a status quo one dreams 24*7 during the end semesters) I realized I wanted to do something, after all.
An engineering student‘s world is a quaint world. If you are an IET student that too not a day boarder it gets stranger and I’m afraid not in a completely pleasant way.  The pros and cons list suggest that IETians ( I guess, the kids feel closer to the Indian IIT dream that way) have their end-semester exams completed before their counterpart RGPV students even start facing them. This results in a sem-break with no friends to hang out with for IETians considering the fact that IETians are fairly low in number in comparison to their RGPV counterparts. The problem gets fierce for the hostelers who have to return to their hometowns whilst their local friends are busy preparing for the exams. Moreover, IET provides one with enough time to watch a movie or two (or more ) a week on regular classes time. All decent-enough-to-watch movies are covered this way even before actual holidays arrive. The purport is one is left with nothing to do on sem-breaks.

Desperate times require desperate measures.

I started with watching some English movies (there are always some you can watch) and series. It took me two days to realize I couldn’t do it all the time. I combined reading a novel to it, too then. Some new authors were tryed those I’ve always heard the name of but never read, for a change. Changes freshen me out. Mostly. Some find this change-requirement theory of mine suggesting a fickle mind. I stick to it. Change is good. Since experiment was in the air, I figured I might try my hands at painting too.

The Confused Sun

The Confused Sun

I did fairly well in painting in school, won some prizes, too. This is what I thought when I was buying the colors and the brushes. The first painting changed it all. I guess the standards
have raised, exponentially and my skills are still the same with some lost (may be). I like the name I gave it though.

This didn’t stop me from painting again. This was because I found the painting activity highly relaxing on my first attempt. It doesn’t matter what you paint, just choose some bright, jubilant colors and you are happy. The Lil Wayne‘s Mirror Video played a vital role in color selection.



Since the last painting came out fairly well, I was enthusiastic to brush up the white sheet again. I had this confidence whatever I am going to paint,  It is going to look good. The third painting told me it was a good example of confidence misplaced. I could even not think of a name for it. It looked like nothing after all. And then a friend quiped, “Illi !!!” (For those who
don’t know an ILLI is an insect that is generally sighted in cabbages, cauliflowers, peas, etc. )




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