Glorious Past

It’s funny how one is unable to evaluate one’s own strengths and tends to exaggerate the shortcomings. I wouldn’t know if any of you readers have realized this for yourself. I did. Just now. And then I figured this one is definitely a blog material. So the blog. This particular line has, potentially, projected me to be a desperate blogger. I wouldn’t reject the suggestion altogether. Life seems to saturate when one reaches the second last year of college. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone has a typed image. Wrong or right. There is little scope for adventure. The kind of adventure one experiences when meeting people of different accents, culture, backgrounds, religion. The kind when one does things for the first time. College definitely holds a lot of firsts in everyone’s life. The point is there is little to extract from an uneventful time. A writer has her limitations too !!!

I ventured, accidentally, into a blog that I used to maintain 6 years back. Shame that my present blog occupied a late position than the previous one in a search engine’s result. I am happy anyway. It is the happiness of a glorified past. Students complain from time to time about the history that is part of their curriculum. They don’t understand its necessity. They will, eventually. One learns from history. One derives a sense of pride in one’s nation’s history. The feeling of belonging is important. Indifference causes confusion. You won’t know who’s who in life.

I find glory in my knowledge of Hindi then. (Courtesy : The old blog.) I’ve lost the proficiency in six years time. I didn’t have to do anything for it. I just had to stop reading and writing Hindi. It seems I did this fairly well. Contrast to all other things I generally do. I had the realization all the while. The discovery of the blog has just given a push to the pride and the guilt. Pride of past and guilt
to not have it now with me. I got busy brushing up my English skills. I thought knowledge stays with you always. It too rusts away with time. Everything needs polishing.


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