5 years later. . .

business-woman-cartoonSomeone asked me, “where do you see yourself after 5 years ?” If it was anyone, I would have made up a lame story and made him gulp it. Something preferably, I’ll probably marry by then and be a bad housewife. A bad housewife is one who spends most of her time shopping or resting or doing nothing. But it was not anyone. He was one of those people you have in life, you want to speak truth to. Because, you know you don’t have to lie, you wouldn’t be judged, you might even get some good piece of advice. And let’s be honest, it feels so nice to be yourself around someone, you know accepts you, for who you are.

It was a good question. Jokes apart, the housewife idea isn’t that bad either. It’s good in a way. My present schedule is actually making part of me fancy it. The whole idea of doing nothing has always appealed me anyway. Sad that guys don’t usually have the liberty to opt ‘nothing’ as a career. This is one of the few reasons I feel so grateful to be girl. Some hypocrites will probably call me a hypocrite for wasting a college seat that a needy kid would have made good use of. They are no different from the ones who say if you don’t plan to do a job, then why are you even sitting for the placements ? Well, douche bags! if I was so sure of everything in my life, I was probably an engineer, doctor and an air hostess all at a time. Yep, this used to be the plan of a 8-year-old version of me.

Like everybody, I could do a job in some software company, make some decent money, keeping myself busy enough to not nudge my husband (much- I’ll be a woman, after all) for being busy. And be financially independent. That way it sounds better. But, I’ll have to do a 10 to 5 job for 5 days a week and that is the best possible scenario. Ugh! That would be so not me.

And then… I could brush up my writing skills and keep reading a bunch of newspapers, blogging here and there. One day, I might write a novel or two.Or at least, I may  publish a few articles here and there, once in a while. That would be some life!


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