A Blogger’s Introspection

introspectionA vivacious reader, humble enough to go through my posts once in a while, asked me (when I was amidst drafting my last blog),”What do you want to convey by this post of yours?”  The query was definitely discouraging given that I had just finished telling him what it was all about.

A voice inside my head, on which sometimes I wish I had control (actually, mostly) shrieked “Time for introspection!!!” I don’t understand how a part of my head can be jubilant on my prospects of proven wrong. (You are a sadist, Voice !!!)  I have realized I had been posting arbitrary-meaning nothing posts from a while now.

But isn’t it better than stopping blogging altogether? My writing conscience has apparently surrendered to the market forces. You write a lot of goody-goody stuff and you wouldn’t earn a rare glance rest a visit on the link you posted on your college or school clique. Of course, I want to be read! On the stake of quality? This remains undecided. Plus, Blabbering is so easy for a girl!!!

The point of this post?( Seems the Voice wouldn’t leave me alone.) I had to meet the new set target of 3 posts a month. And, Congress just had an Introspection Camp that ended with a disastrous decision of Rahul Gandhi being elevated to VP that is being interpreted as his being the future Prime Ministerial candidate,  for 2014 Elections.

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