A Liberal Woman


Are there any summer coats for men too ? I am afraid, not. I guess they don’t feel the heat. And girls are spotted sporting them even on winters. You know my point.

I am no feminist. People have wondered aloud from time to time if I am on the road to become one. To them.. two lines : ” Strong emotions result in strong expressions. I feel more for what I experience.” Fact.

I fancy the idea of a liberal woman. But what is a liberal woman ?

You hear, alcohol consumption is morally wrong, slang usage is a symbol of bad character. If a woman is accused of them, matters get worse. Who are the people who decide the morals and good conduct? Who gives them the authority to do so?

Is letting others decide your moral values a prudent choice?

Should one judge people for how they behave, talk or what they eat, drink and wear?

A liberal woman is one who makes her own choices, speaks her own mind and does not allow popularly prevalent thoughts influence her. If she does not drink, it is because she couldn’t savour it or she is health conscious. If she drinks, it is because she knows when to stop. She doesn’t use slangs because she does not find them necessary.  She uses them when she does. You might find her in a saree or a pair of hot pants. Her choice of clothes are the one she finds herself comfortable in. She may be rude, she may be friendly. She is blunt
because she believes sailing around the truth would not do justice to you. She is soft on you because she does not give it the worth to spoil your moment. She makes her own morals. She would not detest you because you don’t think the way she does.

#She wears a summer coat because she feels the heat (:P) or she is skin conscious.



2 thoughts on “A Liberal Woman

  1. Maybe you will find it disappointing…. But you write like me, its vague, lots of things said here and there. But combining them all is creating chaos in the page. My advice, think about the topic twice and then write the post. It will be much better.

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