A Writer’s Adventure

No political correctness

No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t want to sound politically correct for once. See it as an adventure a writer seeks.

Believe it or not, It is easier to accept the constraints made on you by people you care or not care about. Self Constraints are the toughest. Because you know you always have a choice, No one but you’ll know if you’ve crossed the line and It is not punitive. Alas, it makes you suffer the most too. The only stopping force.

What a relief to liberate oneself  from such duties of not doing something! This is the unspoken responsibility for a writer to pen non-revolting, non-rebellion, politically correct stuff. You might have heard before, one has to keep the majority happy in a democracy.

I am trying to step out of this shield that has been carved so delicately over the years. It has layers of years of experience polished into one. I call this venture an adventure for its repulsive nature. Repulsion from the path I’ve preached so long and chosen and modified carefully. This path is about the art of how to not hurt anyone by the wisdom of words.

If Shreya were a pen name, I would have been an absolute writer. But this is not the case. I cannot keep my non blogging identity aside. They have interlocked to get this page the
visitors it is getting. I should not cross the line.

The pondering is about the recent discovery of the byproducts of the art I thought was so important to master. Two sides of the coin here too… Ugh! Yes, I want to sound poisonous, utter ugly words for people who have earned it. But the words are missing. As if the new program I’ve been working on has deleted the words altogether from my mind. It should have used an “else” condition some where and kept them in buffer. Just in case. Bad, bad, bad software!

And then, It isn’t just about the missing words, I can not even think something bad about the people who have earned it. You see, there are two kinds of people in one’s life. Good people who are nice to you or at least pretend to be nice to you. The other lot doesn’t even care to pretend. It is the bad people lot. The good people lot tells you in times of doubt that if you have a good number of bad people in your life, you should know you must be doing something good with it.

So, I hear good people questioning the bad people’s parent’s ability to raise a child. I find it too harsh. I tell myself I should not sympathize with the bad people. But I just can’t stop feeling sorry for them every time good people point out their ugliness as a human being.

The realization has anyway instigated in me a wish to be provocative, scandalous for once. I hope to fulfill such bleak desires in blogs to follow.


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