Hate Speech


I applaud one’s nerves to attack people around by his or her blog. A splendid way to attract a lot of attention. The question is, a wise one though ? Well… I wish I had similar guts. I wish people around me too had similar guts to say, “No offence taken”. Since, I am not daring enough to make people around (read- acquaintances ) upset, reason being that starts a chain of protests by their friends and their friends’ friends and I am not good at being a person who is hated by anyone. So I’ll stick to the passive spiceless genre my blog has always been endorsing. A wise one? Since you are not me,  I don’t give a damn. I applaud your guts !

I am not here to pour acrid comments for people I hold grudges against or for people who hold grudges against me. That would be an instant hit, I know. I could talk about the crazy relationships I’ve seen with a disclaimer, all characters are pure figment of imagination. I could talk about how much I hate something and that I am not the only one and how they have earned it. Experience tells me a “hate blog” is the best. People connect to it readily.


Ah yes ! I could spice it up with the slang guys use in every next sentence and are not exclusive to them. Hell! I could scrutinize (criticize) every possible update I see on Facebook, the confessions, the proposals, the insults and what not. Yet again, I guess The Insults page admin thought the same. Didn’t do him or the page any good. (No offence, admin ! )

People around us are growing into a lot that is liked and at least accepted by everyone. They won’t make a single childish ( may be anonymous) attempt to make a “hate-speech” for anyone. Yes, we are growing into a spineless breed. A breed of gut-less people who have filters and converters attached between what they think and what they speak.

XYZ : How do I look ?
Brain : You want to know the truth? A total fiasco! When are you going to accept you are far too fat to don a dress like that ?
Mouth : Woah, gal!  u look so beautiful!!! Where did u buy it from? This color compliments u…Hey neighbor!!!(shouting and calling) See XYZ is looking so pretty !!!
Neighbor : Wow, yar…!!!

#Endless chain of drama.


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