I’ve met people who have lost faith in happiness and people. It grieves me to share, they don’t even think fathers or brothers should be trusted. The only love, true to the soul is that of a mothers to her child, they say. Personally, I will never be able to make myself believe it .
Yes, there are sick people. And yes, there is a type of sickness in every human being. And that’s why we are only humans. Generalizing anything to such extents of hopelessness is a defeatist attitude.

I’ve been warned more than once to sort my trust issues. By trust issues my well-wishers mean, I tend to trust people easily. I tend to not hate them for the differences we share. And that has come to be a matter of concern for a person in this age. There can be better times “Nothing controversial”, one of them jibed, “Why a rape victim got raped?” He was quick to add, “She somehow ended up trusting the wrong guy.” True that. So, this age of rapes, robbery, betrayal has ended up us believing in ‘not to trust anyone’. I do not like it.

Treachery leaves one with one of the biggest lessons in life. What that lesson might be? For a start, It is not that ‘don’t trust anyone ever again’. Most of the wronged people tend to make this mistake. A mango people, I have been through that phase too. Seen times I didn’t want to trust anyone anymore. I knew, life doesn’t work that way. I just didn’t know who to trust anymore? Yes, when people you trust the most stab you at back, it makes you question the most basic of things you’ve always tend to believe. You have to know it’s a phase anyway. You have to hope that the dubiousness that clouds your happiness will get over soon.

You got to have faith to stay happy.


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