Memory Glimpses

indexEverything is changing. The occurrence rate of greenery per square kilometer, the taste of water, the cost of what used to be a 10 rupee bread (Gold Coin, I recall)… Things, I had assumed, will never change. An unsaid assumption that they are universal constant. The Kulfi that used to be sold on moving handcarts has undergone a change in shape and size, what we used to know as Gudiya ke Bal is Cotton-Candy to kids now. The uncle with a thick antenna like wooden stick from which hung categorically different packets of Gudiya k baal is not to be found anywhere. Do kids eat the seeds of marigold flowers even today? It’s a big thing to spot a rainbow in sky…everything has changed so much! Papa brings me a     pack of Lays instead of Dairy Milk, when I go home now… Guess, he too finds my dear Dairy Milk old school now. He asked me the other day, why do they say “har ek friend kameena hota h”? I thought it cottonwas one of those moments when parents make you feel that the coolness of our generation is overrated. How could he not know? I mean… What is there not to know, right? Wrong.

Readers ask me as a ritual these days that what is the point of my recent most blog. Learning from the mistakes, the point of this blog is… my childhood is lost. Sure, these changes did not come in a day’s time… but I am realizing them now in a flash of a moment. No incident or accident had to occur for me to realize it. I just woke up today and I felt how much things have changed in life. Some things are that simple. There are no long dramatic stories supporting them. Age gives us such complex experiences that we don’t even realize when we lose confidence in simplicity.

Yes, I am feeling nostalgic today. For my first home’s garden and its guava plant… for the road in front of my second home, where we played as kids ignorant of the fact that we had a children’s park adjoining it…for the lawn of this house where me and my brother stealthily washed the burnt container that had an hour index1before few liters of milk… for the Teshu tree I was so proud of because of its antediluvian importance (its flowers were used to make colors for Holi). The garden has been replaced by a multistorey building now.

Yes… I sound unbearably melodramatic today. I never let my heart wander in these galleries of memories until today. Yes, Everything is in our control. To think of something or not, to be morose or not, to sadden people or not… it is all in our hands. Today, I’ve left the mind on its own will…Why so? Bss aise hi… Yes, Not having a reason can also be a reason. Like I said, Life isn’t that complex as we wrap and sell it as.

English: Bob Marley live in concert, just a co...

English: Bob Marley live in concert, just a couple of years before his death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guess, Bob Marley achieved a similar high from his joint, the flight these open barriers take me to… It’s liberating. Try it sometime. You don’t have to take out the dust-covered albums from the rarely opened drawers, neither do you have to close your eyes and take a deep breath, filmy-style… just start from your then house’s main gate in the rear of your mind… you will automatically see a slide show of memories comprising neighbors, friends, watchman, sabji-wallah….who not.


3 thoughts on “Memory Glimpses

  1. Nice one pandey ji 🙂 🙂 I am also thinking to write something about childhood memories and changes that have occurred since our childhood but wasn’t able to do so; procrastination as usual !! So its nice to see you have written something about it 🙂

  2. I don’t get enough time now, but I want it so much to go live with my parents!! This gives me the best way to relive the lost days of my childhood. My brother reminds me of my very own self when I was his age.

    You are right though, everything has changed!!!

    Great post, anyways!!! Seems like the good old iLand days!!! 😊

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