A Coveted Indian Bridegroom

A satire, I read recently, on the great Indian dream questioned the very existence of it. We do have many not one. .We Indians breathe and dream for our children. . We dream to have affluent, erudite kids or at least in case of daughters, in-laws! A jocose take on the matter. . .


A big fat house

An Indian bride should be fair and cultured. These qualities take a back-seat when one is referring to an Indian bridegroom, however. Why shouldn’t they, after all? Bridegrooms already need to pass a cornucopia of mandatory(*) and complex requirements anyway.
These requirements help in attaching tags to one’s son’s nuptial value. How cute, isn’t it?  The standards (not yet recognized by ISO 9001, but very soon will be) that play a decisive role in attaching a nuptial price to the Lad are:

1. What is his educational qualifications?*
There are different genres available according to your paying capacity and requirements.I have taken the liberty of enlisting, here, few greatly coveted bridegrooms in Indian nuptial market:24

  •       Since, it is a strictly Indian business, the great Indian dream of IIT plus IIM combo is hugely coveted. Parents who want their daughter’s life well settled and secured usually go fr this category. It is definitely not cheap. But seeing other options that are available in the conjugal market, it seems like a wise choice. These parents are usually service class themselves. Observing a surge of metamorphosis of business class towards service class and vice versa, no particular generalization can be incurred.
  •       Another combination that is deliciously searched for is of IIT plus IAS cadre. Just an IIT grad is not enough in these difficult times of recession. Of course, the great IAS tag in itself is enough. It makes the families forget any previous sins bridegroom might have committed. Even the great sin of difference by birth- religion, cast, region. Such is the magical effect of the word IAS. An IAS is expensive. Not particularly a luxury a middle class could afford.
  •     In India, you are an IITian or not. There is one other reverent degree of MBBS, of course. It has entirely different clientage whatsoever. Of which, I apologize, I have not much knowledge of.
  •       There is one highly coveted title of IES too that is available in the market. Like IAS, it has the mesmerizing effect of making one forget how bad you did in your graduation(read- couldn’t crack IIT). However, strung with the IIT experience, it makes a combination that is hugely sought after. This too, no prizes for guessing, is an expensive affair.
  •      A foreign degree in hand? Everything’s secondary. Only IIT/IIM ring bells in their ears. Everyone other than that could just be a charlatan to an Indian father.

2. Family Background?

  •        The guy is a doctor? OK. Fine. The guy is a doctor son of a doctor father? Kudos!14
  •        Single son? They all are after it.

It is difficult to set them apart- educational qualification and family background- which one should be categorized under, “other things you might like to know” in a guy’s nuptial resume . Now that I am considering it… actually, neither one of them should be under such a category.

3. Other things You might like to know:

  •   went outside India? Bingo! A foreign business visit or holiday is every Indian mother’s conjugal turn-on for her daughter.
  •   not going to live with mom-dad? Even better!

I wonder if in these times of crazy ideas going viral… how well the concept of Nuptial resume for Men” does! Guess, we will have to wait and see for ourselves…


A Google image result to Rich nerd bridegroom

PS: Apparently, this phenomena isn’t completely Indian !!!

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