I don’t know if she remembers, I met her on a road of Indrapuri. It was our first meeting. Her first impression on me? Well, I remember the incident. Everlasting, I would say. This girl…she was different. She came out of nowhere and started chitchatting like an old friend. I had heard of her. A very friendly girl, they called her. She wouldn’t give away much. I take my time gelling with people. She made me talk anyway. She would probe your heads off. You will be facing questions that pry on your privacy but there’s no way you could deny her the answer. She is not judging (at least you can’t tell), simply listening and firing questions.
My desperate attempts for a perfect click :/

My desperate attempts for a perfect click :/

There’s so much I could write about you. Difficult call, what to include and what not on this birthday. I wish we had met before. Or the college was not ending so soon. I have learnt a lot from you. I have immense respect for you. Your complain that I call everyone but you ‘Ji’, I share a totally different level of friendship with you. A level that doesn’t need a “Ji” to show the respect I have for you. I come to your room with the foulest of moods, thinking I wouldn’t share what’s troubling me. Who am I kidding? I have kept things to myself for a long time. I found liberation meeting you.

You could be a kid at times, you could be a netaji, a mother, a confidant or a perfect nurse. In my sickness, I didn’t miss home. In the worst of pains, I could travel to home because you were by my side. There is an air of assurance when you are around. Chaman sb sambhal legi. I just know that. Late at the Doctor’s clinic without an appointment? No problem! Chaman h na. I couldn’t reach a lot of places if it weren’t for you. Not just literally. You showed the faith when required (read Mridaksh). Or I wouldn’t even have auditioned. And this was the time, we didn’t even know each other much. Thank you for everything, Chumma!

A Chai-less morning with Chaman: Not the best :P

A Chai-less morning with Chaman: Not the best 😛

We have had great times together. The not so great times have been turned to greatness with our company. Singing arbitrary songs on roads driving Dhanno or simply sitting at the Service Road (regional) or at the Sharmaji’s. Talking, not talking. . . it’s peace with you. And our love for food! I finally found a companion who shares similar interests and is ready to invest time in pursuit of them! Food being top on the list 😀 Gained a few pounds, yeah! who cares 😛 Give in to the cravings when life’s giving you the opportunity. What’s the need of asceticism? Life provides one with ample opportunities of boredom anyway.

She is one of those people who is doing you a favor just being around you. She is not even asking for acknowledgement. I have known her for a good amount of time now. A time she found enough to reveal herself to me. There are experiences you couldn’t imagine and choices you couldn’t have dared to make that have made the Chaman we know today.
A privilege knowing you, Chaman.

A very Happy Birthday! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chaman

  1. 🙂 Lovely.!! More than anything else, I love the theme and the idea . Its a beautiful thing to do for someone. Appreciating the beauty of a person is very important.:)
    Very nice shreya!!

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