A GRE Story: The Inception


There was a girl in her second year of Engineering who was completely clueless what she really wanted to do professionally. She knew for sure, she had committed a mistake opting maths in High School. She felt she could have done five year law or become a CA, anything but an Engineer. She had a thing for writing too. She could never be sure if she wanted to turn her hobby into a career.  People who knew her would suggest her to try hands in mass communication, a distance learning program may be. She was a confused ambitious girl. She had to do something about it.

She started by resuming blogging. A good hobby should not die. Career wise? She wasn’t still sure. She decided to go with the flow. With the start of third year, she joined a coaching for her CAT preparations.  Good linguistic skills or aptitude are the need of time anyway, she would tell herself.  She made it to their special batch in a month. Interestingly, her quant score of the paper was zero. She felt betrayed by the coaching and her dejection with CAT preparations followed. She asked herself,

Do I doubt my potential for the exam? Nope. Not at all.

Will I have to work really hard for it? Yes.

Do I lack the motivation? Yes. Very much.

Do I really want a career in Management? Don’t know.

With such vague answers in mind, she decided on quitting coaching. Around this time, a new US dream was emerging in her life too. Family plays a big part in decisions such as these. Moving to another country? A girl? No close relatives out there? Tough call. She joined another coaching anyway. Friends bhi bn gye. Everyone (that mattered) was very supportive. There were people talking behind her back not so pleasant things about her capricious nature. These are the people who don’t mind their own business. Who don’t know an ounce about the person they are talking about. Self-certified critics, she would later call them. She is found telling her juniors occasionally (now that she is a fourth year student) “There will be such critics everywhere you go. Don’t be afraid of being judged. In terms of their language, to not waste the 9k bucks I payed as fee to a coaching I cannot possibly invest another 25 lacks on a career path I am going to quit eventually. People grow. Decision change. Accept yourself.”


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