A GRE Story: Incentives


Who am I? I just happen to know someone you could be interested in. And I would hate it if you think she started preparing for GRE because she couldn’t fit in a coaching for CAT (don’t believe in slander :P). No, she wasn’t an escapist. OK… She is an escapist. But that didn’t drive her to an American dream. What really drove her away was the picture perfect portrayal of a life her elder brother would talk on and on of. So, the brother lives in US? Nah… he just knows stuff and how to wrap people up in a world of dreams. He did a good job with her.

She hails from a family whose philosophy swings on a pendulum that sways from modern to conservative. Nothing extreme. You don’t index1understand? Well.. how about this, you can have the best education in the world* ( read modern ) as long as it is in the fields of engineering or medicine* (read conservative). Yeah, yeah.. she didn’t like it either. Becomes astonishingly difficult to draw a line between alleged right and wrong. This was one of the reasons she was inclined to move to a society that appreciates there is no absolute right or wrong.

There was one more thing. subconsciously, she had a feeling she was not meant for India. She later got to know, she wasn’t alone. During the times of faith crisis, some of the friends would say, “It’s evident in your lifestyle. You’re meant for US.” The exam pattern was designed to the potential of her mind too. Maths till class 10 and English? Smooth. On the top of it, she is an awkward tall girl who hopes to get lost in crowd. Well.. we know this for sure that it’s never gonna happen in India.

My point? Choose to do it, if you really really want to do it. Otherwise, choose something you really really want to do. 😛 Have proper motivation! Because, you wouldn’t succeed in something that doesn’t have your complete devotion. Devotion fades away given lack of motivation. Maturity is in knowing oneself. You got to know your priorities in life. You got to know if your priorities mingle with your responsibilities. Negotiate and compromise.

Your reasons might not be the alleged right ones. These reasons will work as a motivation to stick to putting efforts for your dream anyway. She has been told multiple times to reconsider her ‘Masters in Computer Science’ idea. You cannot blame them, she is not a techy type. For her GRE was a pass to America. Just like Bansal (read- a coaching for JEE preparations in Kota, Rajasthan) was a pass to anywhere but her hometown. She has quiet a theory in her mind. Let’s save it for some other day.
For now, choose wisely!


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